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Roots & Branches

I am so excited to share this new lullaby album with you! When my cousin/co-writer/awesome friend Natalie Johnson approached me with this idea, I was immediately on board for the project. I had always wanted to do a lullaby album and the family history angle was both challenging and engaging.

Each song has a story, both historical and personal. We hope you enjoy our labor of love and feel a connection to your “Roots and Branches” too.  Happy Listening and sweet dreams!

Roots & Branches

Growing up, the music of our ancestral countries was kept alive though songs our parents taught us. Learning of the sacrifices and triumphs of our ancestors has helped us feel a strong connection to them, which we hope to pass down to future generations. Hence this project was born. We dedicate these songs to those for whom the album was named—our own Roots & Branches.

We dedicate this album to our Roots: A concerted effort was made to preserve the original melodies that some of our ancestors might have known. We want this album to be a celebration of their lives and a tribute to their legacy.

We also dedicate this album to our Branches: Music is a timeless way to preserve family history and pass it down to the generations who will follow. May each new addition know they have an eternal place on our family tree.

Throughout the creation of this album, we have felt guided both musically and spiritually. We feel a connection to those who have come before and those who will follow. As cousins, we have loved making this a family project. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed time, talents and knowledge to make this album a worthy gift to our Roots & Branches.

Love, Natalie & Amy

A Special thank you to all those who contributed.

Recording & Editing by Paul & Amy Lacey
Cover Art by Natalie Johnson & Alicia Johnson

Download the songs for free by clicking on the download links next to each track below.
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Time for SleepingNatalie Johnson2:23
Jackson's SongNatalie Johnson2:38
My Thankful PrayerAnna Lacey1:40
Ninna NannaNatalie Johnson3:34
Winter LullabyAmy Lacey & Natalie Johnson2:04
Cradle SongNatalie Johnson3:07
Forever You Are MineNatalie Johnson & Jordan Benson3:22

Welcome Spring!

I’ve always loved the changing of the seasons. Each season deserves to be enjoyed, celebrated, and savored. Spring is a miracle! It’s thrilling to see the first glimpses of new growth on the ground and in the trees. After a long winter, the first bird’s song sounds sweet and full of life. My favorite smell of spring is the scent of lilac blossoms. Growing up we had two large lilac bushes on the side of our house and I couldn’t help but stop several times a day when they were in bloom to experience their intoxicating fragrance.

Spring represents a fresh start, a time for growth, and a renewal of all of God’s creations. Welcome Spring!

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Forever Starts Now

Here’s one of my latest songs that I recorded for my brother, Nate and his wife Talisha for their wedding video in May 2013.  They are such a cute couple and these words just fit them! I wanted to write a fun and not-too-sappy love song that portrays the joy and optimism of saying “I do.”  In the early stages of the song, a full year earlier, I watched another adorable couple, my cousin Sarah and her now-husband Mike, fall in love and become engaged.  They were just so happy to be together!  (And they still are).  The message of this song is that while it’s fun to dream about “forever” with the one you love, there’s no time like the present because ‘forever starts now.’ (Ben Hale: background vocals, guitars, drums)

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I Wrote You A Love Song

[A re-post from 2012]

Dear Friends,

I’ve been working on a lot of new songs this past year. All three kids are in school full-day and I’ve used that time to write a lot of music. Some songs that people have hired me to write for specific projects, and others that I’ve written because it’s what I love to do.

A few months ago, I realized that while I have been writing so much, I haven’t been sharing the songs I’ve created. So, for the rest of the year, I’m going to change that! One of my newest songs is called “A Love Song is Always Meant to be Heard” and I truly believe that.

Over the next weeks and months, I’ll be posting original music and the story behind the songs. Some of these songs are currently being pitched to other artists and for film and TV, but because I haven’t signed any exclusive contracts, I am free to share them with anyone that wants to listen!

A couple disclaimers: I am happily married and so in love with Paul! He has several songs, many of which I’ll share in future posts. But not all songs are for him! I have songs from high school, from college, songs for friends, etc. So if you hear a sad breakup song, don’t think we’re on the rocks. Because of his constant support, I’m able to chase this musical dream.


A Love Song is Always Meant to be Heard

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