My Thankful Prayer

My Thankful Prayer

As we were completing the album, we still hadn’t found the right song to honor my Norwegian grandmother Cliffie Ohlsen. We had just about given up hope of finding the right music when we found “Ride, Ride Ranke.” The accompaniment & words came into our minds as if someone put them there. We thought it sounded perfect from a child’s perspective of a nighttime thankful prayer.

Ready now to say goodnight
Almost time to close my eyes
First I want to tell the Lord
All that I am thankful for

Thank you for the yellow sun
Shining bright on everyone
For my favorite climbing tree
Soft grass tickling my feet

Thank you for my family
And my friends who play with me
For this house and nice warm bed
Fluffy pillow for my head

Bless the children everywhere
Help them feel how much you care
Thank you, God; I know you’ll be
Always watching over me

Song Information
Roots: Norway
Lyrics: Amy Lacey & Natalie Johnson
Music: Traditional Folk Ride, Ride Ranke by Johann Christian Gebauer (1808—1884)
Vocals: Anna Lacey
Piano: Amy Lacey
Flute: Natalie Johnson

(Copyright 2016, Natalie Johnson and Amy Lacey)