Welcome Spring

I’ve always loved the changing of the seasons. Each season deserves to be enjoyed, celebrated, and savored. Spring is a miracle! It’s thrilling to see the first glimpses of new growth on the ground and in the trees. After a long winter, the first bird’s song sounds sweet and full of life. My favorite smell of spring is the scent of lilac blossoms. Growing up we had two large lilac bushes on the side of our house and I couldn’t help but stop several times a day when they were in bloom to experience their intoxicating fragrance.

Spring represents a fresh start, a time for growth, and a renewal of all of God’s creations. Welcome Spring!

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Higher Ground

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FLY! 11 Songs To Help You Shine Your Sink And Soothe Your Soul is an album that Marla Cilley, the "FlyLady" of, commissioned me to produce. Along with a team of talented individuals, I co-wrote these fun, uplifting songs that promote the inspirational and organizational principles of FlyLady.

To quote Marla: "This music is so beautifully written, performed and arranged that you truly feel the you have been hit upside the head and heart with waves of inspiration and fun. There are fun dance around the house songs, uplifting songs and songs that just make you feel loved and hugged. There are loving songs, silly songs and songs that make your heart swell.

"Every single song in this digital download will have you singing along before the track is over. They are written for FlyBabies everywhere! Listening to these songs is as if someone was watching you and just knew exactly what to say to you and how to make you feel loved. Whether you are soaring or feeling low this music will make your heart sing!"

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Song Clips
I'm FlyingAmy Benson Lacey02:23 » 
One More Day of HopeSarah J. Huff & Michael DuBois04:26 » 
FlyBabyAmy Benson Lacey03:18 » 
Slow and SteadyMegan Walker04:28 » 
Swish and SwipeAmy Benson Lacey02:37 » 
Why Not Today?Eric Dodge04:30 » 
Feather Duster ShakeMegan Walker03:03 » 
Go Me!Amy Benson Lacey02:31 » 
Within These WallsAmy Benson Lacey03:47 » 
God BreezeAmy Benson Lacey04:41 » 
A Lullaby for MeAmy Benson Lacey03:55 » 

He Loves Me Still

He Loves Me Still is an album including Christian songs of inspiration and love written by me and my mom, Cecelia J. Benson. It addresses themes such as prayer, marriage and family, gratitude and the circle of life. Working on this album with my Mom in 2004-2005 was a wonderful experience. Thanks Mom!

Free sheet music for this album is available for download from the Sheet Music page.

Download the songs for free by clicking on the download links next to each track below.
Play Songs
I've Got EverythingAmy Benson Lacey, Paul Lacey03:35
He Loves Me StillAmy Benson Lacey, Cecelia J. Benson04:47
Bless Your HeartAmy Benson Lacey04:00
Worth The WaitAmy Benson Lacey03:47
Come Back HomeCecelia J. Benson, Amy Benson Lacey04:00
Tiny AngelsAmy Benson Lacey04:14
I'd Say Yes AgainAmy Benson Lacey04:03
DeliveranceAmy Benson Lacey03:47
Let's Go HomeCecelia J. Benson, Jay Richards04:04
You Were ThereAmy Benson Lacey04:01
I've Got Everything (accomp.)Amy Benson Lacey03:35
He Loves Me Still (accomp.)Amy Benson Lacey04:47
Bless Your Heart (accomp.)Amy Benson Lacey03:56
Worth The Wait (accomp.)Amy Benson Lacey03:47
Come Back Home (accomp.)Amy Benson Lacey03:56
Tiny Angels (accomp.)Amy Benson Lacey04:14
I'd Say Yes Again (accomp.)Amy Benson Lacey04:03
Let's Go Home (accomp.)Amy Benson Lacey04:04
You Were There (accomp.)Amy Benson Lacey04:01

One thought on “Inspirational

  1. Janet Kretzschmar

    Years ago, on FLYLady’s website, I read your testimony about the composition of “One More Day of Hope” song. I recently remembered that story because a friend of ours is experiencing an incomplete pregnancy & miscarriage. If you still have a copy of that testimony, I would like to share it with her.

    Thank you!

    Janet Kretzschmar


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