Singer-Songwriter Playlist

This is one of my favorite styles to write in! Some of these songs are being considered for film and TV, while others are just for fun. Enjoy!
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StayAmy Lacey03:20
Life is Beautiful (Amy Lacey)Amy Lacey03:14
Life is Beautiful (Ben Hale)Ben Hale03:14
A Love Song is Always Meant to be HeardAmy Lacey04:13
When I'm FallingAmy Lacey04:21
Magic In My HandsBen Hale02:09
Forever Starts NowAmy Lacey03:10
Welcome SpringAmy Lacey02:29
We Almost Fell in LoveAmy Lacey & Michael DuBois04:28
Love's Worth Fighting ForMichael DuBois & Amy Lacey04:09
Summer Like No OtherAmy Lacey03:29
Either WayBen Hale03:41

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