So Long Dust Samba

Dusting is already one of kids' favorite jobs. Whether it is with a rag, or FlyLady's famous kid-sized ostrich feather duster, they love to see the dust disappear. Add a little Latin rhythm, and you may not be able to get them to stop!


So Long Dust Samba
2008 Alison Moulton

You can do all kinds of dances
Hip-hop or ballet
I will tell you of a dance
That you can learn today (Hey!)

You don’t need some fancy clothes
Or need some fancy moves
All you need’s a feather duster
To get in the Samba groove

Chorus A
So, so long dust Samba
Mamma, can I dust a little longer?
My world has turned to gray
I need to brush this dust away (Hey!)

Chorus B
So…long Samba
Please…a little longer
Oh…it’s looking gray
I need to brush this dust away

Chorus C
So so samba so long
So so samba dust on
So so samba
So so so samba
So so samba so long

Dusting high—see me flying
Dusting low—watch me go
Movin’ to the Samba rhythm
I’m a solo dusting show

When I’m through I take the duster
Shake it good outside
Come back in, I feel like dancing
It’s a Samba party time!

[Repeat Choruses]