Time to Dream

Though this obviously is a song parents can use to slow things down for bedtime, there is more we hope will come through. We can spend so much time focused on working, correcting, teaching, driving, cleaning, and cooking that sometimes it is easy to forget that there is always time to dream. Time to dream of how we want our day to go, time to dream of what we want our family to become, and time to dream of what life can really be. We need to give our children permission to dream big and dream often. To lag behind to look at a flower. To not hear us call because they are deciphering the shape of a cloud. To hope for better things for the world they will inherit from us. To Dream.


Time to Dream
Music: Traditional Celtic Melody (Afton Water), additional music by Alison Moulton
Lyrics: 2008 Alison Moulton, additional lyrics by Paul Moulton & Amy Lacey

The night air is falling
The noises all fade
It’s time now to close your eyes
Let your thoughts drift away
To a land of castles
On hills covered green
A world of enchantment
Close your eyes now it’s time to dream

It’s a land of adventure
Where good always wins
And children’s gentle laughter
Carries over on the wind
And nobody's alone
And nobody's afraid
The rivers run pure and clean
And the clouds softly float away

Child, when you awake
The world may not seem
Exactly the way
That you saw in your dream

But if dreams can come true
Like I know that they do
This world can be real, child
It’s all up to you

So gently now close your eyes
And silently breathe
And enter your magic world
Where there’s always time to dream.